Master Milking and Cheesemaking Kit for Goats and Sheep

All newly updated kit from Homesteaders Supply... our Master Kit for milking your goats and sheep along with our cheesemaking kit for goats and sheep.  We've made it easy for your to get everything you need in one place to start milking your livestock, and to make your own fresh cheese!

Included in this kit is:

Our Goat Cheesemaking Kit: LyoPro MDL culture, Feta FT 002 Cheese Culture,  RennPro Vegetarian Rennet Granules, Calcium Chloride, Chevre Molds, Thermometer, 90 ct Cheese Cloth, and our HS Recipe Booklet.

Along with 1 gallon stainless steel Pail with Lid, Stainless Steel Funnel and Filter, Udder Balm, and 5 Blue Dariy Cloths,.

This kit comes to you exclusively from Homesteaders Supply.  Provides you with everything you need to care for your goats and sheep, and to makes a variety of cheese from the milk... such as Chevre, Feta, Cream Cheese and Fromage blanc.

( You can ues either culture for your soft cheeses and the feta, each will have it's own flavor... both are fantastic cultures!)


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