Nursing Bottles Kit for Calves

Great kit for bottle milking the newborn calves. Comes with 6 - 3 quart bottles with screw on nipples, a handy bottle carrier for this size bottle, a bottle brush with two different cleaning ends, and one bottle brush that connects to your hand drill to make cleaning the bottles a fast process.


6 -  Large capacity 3 Quart each E-Z Nurser prevents "gulping" and helps calves gain weight faster right from the start. The bottle, fashioned of a special plastic with pint markings, won't crack or break and lasts indefinitely. It's light and easy to clean and sterilize. E-Z Calf Nipple is rubber with cross-cut opening for full flow and air hole which prevents vacuum. Complete Nurser include 3-quart bottle, screw-on cap and calf nipple.

1- Bottle Carrier for six 3-quart nursers is made of 3/16" powder-coated steel wire and has hinged handles.

1-Nursing Bottle Brush  This brush is designed to clean all areas of the nursing bottle. The large end will easily reach every corner and bend of the nursing bottle, while the small end is ideal for freeing residue from the nipple. A large multi-fan tip filled with a mixture of type 6.6 and 6.12 green and white nylon bristles helps liquid retention and scrubbing power, and the nipple end is type 6.6 white nylon.

1-Nursing Bottle Brush for Cordless Drill   Used with a rechargeable power drill, this brush makes quick work of cleaning large numbers of two and three quart nursing bottles. Soft nylon bristle brush will reach every corner and bend of the bottle. Brush has a mixture of type 6.6 and 6.12 soft non-scratch bristles. We recommend running the drill at low to medium RPM for maximum life of the brush. 18.5” overall length, 5.5” wide.

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