RennPro Vegetarian Granular Rennet

Newest Rennet on the market!  RennPro Vegetarian Granular Rennet is a great product that helps you make the very best cheese!   It's manufactured in Italy, and is Non-GMO.   Check our our line of cheesemaking and yogurt cultures called LyoPro from the same manufacturer!  Here at Homesteader's Supply, we have tested all these products and truly find them superior in flavors and texture!

And now after a couple of years, our customers agree how wonderful it works.  Because of the requests from our customers, we have added options for you depending upon your needs based on how much cheese you are making. 

We provide the options to purchase 2 teaspoons, 4 teaspoons or 12 teaspoons. 

Rennet is used in the coagulation of the milk for the manufacture of all types of cheese. This granular version is new generation of microbial rennet extracted from a pure strain of Rhizomucor miehei. Rennet lowers the pH of the milk, enhancing the effectiveness of cheese cultures and causes the milk to break into the curd and whey.

RennPro is a non-gmo, non-pathogenic granular microbial rennet that is extracted from a pure strain of Rhizomucor miehei. When added to milk, it produces the casein enzymatic cleavage, resulting in the transformation of cheese. 

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RennPro is triple-strength so a little goes a very long way.  Instructions for use are for 1/16 teaspon per 1-3 gallons of milk!  If you are using 3 gallons of milk to make your  cheese, you would be able to make approximately 96 lbs of cheese, (32  - 3lb wheels of cheese!) with the 2 tsp option.  Please remember that it's important to not over use rennet, as too much can result in dry crumbly cheese, or even an off flavor when aging cheese with too much rennet used.

(If you don't have a 1/16 teaspoon for measuring, just use a 1/8 tsp and fill it half way)  Check out our mini-measuring spoons if you want more accuracy.

The benefits of using this natural granular rennet over the liquid and tablets are:

  • easier to measure for accurately unlike the tablets
  • isn't susceptable to damage from weather extremes like liquid rennet
  • lasts probably two years if stored in the frig
  • price is fantastic because of being so concentrated
  • manufacture of cheese will be much more consistent



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