LyoPro TPF Thermo Cheese Culture

Our new line of cheese cultures from Italy, all NON-GMO!   LyoPro TPF is a thermophilic freeze-dried Lactic Starter Culture to make the best Mozzarella, pasta filata (stretched or pulled curd), soft and hard cheese, fresh cheese, just to mention a few.   This makes especially creamy stretchy type Mozzarella.    When combined with Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus  (LyoPro STB)  or Lactococcus lactobacillus helveticus  (LyoPro STH) it can also be used for the production of pizza cheese as these strains reduce browning problems and improve the melting performance.  This is why we put all three cultures in our Mozzarella Kit!

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Some folks have even added a bit of LyoPro MO with the TPF to create an even creamier stretched Mozzarella.  Know that the harder Mozzarella can be sliced or shredded and topped onto foods made in the oven. And you can save the sliced or shredded by freezing to use at a later time!

If interested in making Mozzarella, check out the descriptions of the three cultures we put in our Mozzarella kit... LyoPro TPF, STB and STH.

And, these LyoPro cultures are the type that you can make a mother culture from your raw milk to keep them going for a longer time.

Homesteaders Supply has tested our new line of cultures and find them to be far superior to other brands in texture and flavors!  And the culture is very concentrated so you only need 1/16th teaspoon for 1 to 3 gallons!  We NOW provide you with 2 teaspoons, enough to make sixteen 3lb wheels of your favorite cheese!

Ingredients: Streptococcus salivarius subsp. thermophilus  Carrier: Dextrose   Best stored in frig or freezer for longer life. 


And check out our NEW rennet from the same manufacturer called RennPro vegetarian rennet, triple strength and Granular!  Measuring rennet now is so easy and it lasts long if stored in the freezer!

Don't forget to check out our Ultimate Cheese Press that we manufacture right here in Tennessee!  And if you need the best recipes check out the book we recommend Cheesemaker's Manual which will provide you with recipes and photos and trouble-shooting section.


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