Milk Bar Vitality Pen Tag and Clip System Pack of 5

Milk Bar Vitality Pen Tags and Clips encourage Milk Bar’s Golden Rule: One Calf – One Teat. Teats used for more than one calf cycle soften and allow calves to drink too quickly. The Tags and Clips come in ten different colors and are used as a visual aid to remind producers when teats were started and what specific teats are in that group. Hang the tag on the pen and the clip stays with the teat until the calf is weaned.

Choose from the available 10 colors, each color comes as a set of 5 of that color.  Orange, yellow, White, Black, Red, Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Violet, Grey

How to order the same number of sets of various colors:   click on the colors you want, then select the quantity of sets, and then select add to cart.

How to order a different number of sets of various colors:  click on one color at a time, select the quantity for that color, then add to cart.  Then go back to that page, select the next color, then select the quanitiy of sets for that color, then add that color to cart.  (Know that when in the cart, you can click on the highlighted title "Milk Bar Vitality Pen Tag and Clip System Pack of 5... will take you right back for your next selection)

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