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Beginning Winemaking Equipment Kit for Concentrate Kits
Start making great wine at home with a small investment in some quality equipment. This inexpensive starter package includes all the equipment you...

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5 Gallon Homebrew Starter Kit
Basic beer brewing kit includes all the equipment you need to brew a 5-gallon batch, except for the pot and the bottles. Includes 2 plastic buckets,...

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Deluxe Home Brewery Kit
The Brewmaster Deluxe Home Brewery Kit is a new product! This kit includes all the equipment you need to brew and enjoy a 5-gallon batch of beer,...

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Reed Men's 16" Glacier CAMO
Reed Men's 16" Glacier CAMO Boots 7mm foam stretch neoprene bootie with 2mm polar fleece lining gives the hunter total protection from the...

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Orange Rubber Armor Jacket for Refractometer
Optional rubber armor jacket for Palm Abbe digital refractometers, protects the instrument from harsh conditions. Can be used on models 176-2001,...

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Palm Abbe Refractometer for Brix & Waste Milk
The PA202x Refractometer will provide reliable estimates of the percent solids in waste milk and colostrum quality using the Brix Method. The MISCO...

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Palm Abbe Refractometer (Brix & Protein)
The PA202x Colostrum and Blood Serum Total Protein Refractometer will provide reliable estimates of the percent solids in waste milk and colostrum...

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Palm Abbe PA201 Digital Refractometer
The Palm Abbe Digital Refractometer is fast, convenient, and easy to use to check the quality of colostrum.  Simply place a drop or two of...

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Bulk Tank Brush is well-accepted at dairies and creameries everywhere. It features plastic block filled with fine type 6.6 white nylon bristles and...

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Used with a rechargeable power drill, this brush makes quick work of cleaning large numbers of two, three and four quart nursing bottles. Soft nylon...

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The special design of this inflation brush means one easy operation scrubs the entire inflation, including vacuum pocket. Type 6.6 white nylon...

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Medium stiff polyester bristles are set into a foam block that won’t crack or chip but will float. Durable, economical scrub. Overall length,...

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Hercules Utility Scrub Brush has red plastic pistol grip handle and crimped polyester bristles which will not absorb oils or moisture. Handles are...

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20" Prostran Gong Brush with long handles. Prostran polypropylene bristles are exellent resistance to dilute acids, alkalis, alcohol and...

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Dairyland Sterosol Milkstone Remover & Acid Rinse removes milkstone from bulk tanks, pipeline cleaners, pipeline, milking machines, utensils, and...

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Dairy Equipment Cleaner
Dairyland Heavy-duty Dairy Utensil Cleaner is a high-foaming, hard-working, multi-purpose detergent for manual cleaning of equipment. Powerful...

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Saniclean 32 oz
Do you need a low-foaming cleaner to sanitize your equipment? Saniclean is the low-foam version of Star San. Made by the same company that makes your...

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Star San 32 oz
Star San is an acid based sanitizer that is quick, odorless, tasteless and safe for most materials except softer metals. Use of 1 oz of Star San per...

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Speidel Bladder Press 180 Liters
Speidel was the original manufacturer of the bladder press. While similar to the Italian models in operation, Speidel offers a few quality upgrades....

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Milk Bar Plugs - set of 10
Milk Bar Plugs are used to plug holes in multi-teat feeders to help prevent fluid waste. Teats are easy to install and come in packs of 10.

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Ambic RJB PowrPump 230V - Pressure Switch
Ambic RJB PowrPump 330V - Pressure Switch

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Ambic RJB PowrPump 115V - Pressure Switch
RJB teat sanitation equipment is designed to be efficient and economical for better dairy cow, goat and sheep udder health and mastitis prevention....

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Light My Shed IV – Solar Powered Shed Light with Single Lamp
The Gama Sonic Light My Shed IV – Solar Shed Light   features one solar lamp head and is designed with our new GS solar LED light bulb....

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Coburn Foam ‘n’ Dip is a ready-to-use iodine teat dip ideal for any teat foaming applicators. Please choose which one you want, ...

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Inflation Plugs - set of 4
BouMatic-Style Inflation Plug features a ring that fits over the shell, so plug is always conveniently at hand. Easy to flip on and off.  Great...

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Fine Mesh Drawstring Bag - 8 x 9 ¼
A drawstring-top nylon bag made of fine mesh, Dimensions:  8″ x 9 ¼″.  Use for draining of curds, yogurt, etc.  You...

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Ideal-Style Band Castrator - with 100 Bands
Deluxe Aluminum Band Castrator is easier to operate and has better leverage than other elastic band castrators. Featuring a wide ring spread, this...

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Elastrator Green Bands - 100
Elastrator Green Bands  100 count

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Economy Band Plastic Castrator - with 100 Bands
Elastrator enables placing a rubber ring over the scrotum to castrate lambs, young goats or calves. Can also be used for tail docking with lambs. The...

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LyoPro Kefir
Freeze Dried Dairy Culture just for making the best Kefir!  All LyoPro cultures are manufactured in Italy, all Non- GMO! Incubation temperature...

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