63% Woven Shade Material 24 ft x 100 ft




The 63% woven shade material is U.V. resistant polypropylene material that prevents shrinkage and rotting due to sunlight exposure. Grommets every 24" on all four sides for easy installation using hooks, cable, or rope.

Shade material can be used to keep livestock cool, as a wind barrier or even protection from birds. This is a quality product from a quality manufacturer.

This item is large and heavy. Call us for specific shipping quote if you would like, or for quantity discounts.

Woven Shade vs Knitted Shade:

  • Woven shade is constructed from woven polypropylene and is about 30% heavier than knit shade. The lifespan is about 10-12 years. Woven is more plastic looking than knit shade. Primarily used for livestock and greenhouse applications.
  • Knitted shade is made from knitted polyethylene and has a lifespan of 7-10 years. Looks and feels more cloth-like and has threads running in various directions. Due to the construction, it will not unravel if cut or if a hole occurs. Applications include backyard shade, windbreaks, deer fencing, aviary and carports.

  • Model: 90566