Portable Milking Machine Complete Set Up for Two Animals

A complete Portable Milking Machine set up for TWO Animals!  Made in USA!

The Coburn PortaMilker gives every dairyman the opportunity to use a highly efficient milking machine. The PortaMilker is compact, easily maneuvered and easily transported.  These made in America milking machines have been know to easily last over 30 years!  They are so popular, it is hard to even find a used one. 

We give you personalized service, with added instructions for cleaning the natural organic way, and we are available to help you with any questions you have about the set up and use of our product.  We don't just say that we give you good customer service... we actually do it!   
Note:  many other options for a milking machine setup... different parts, or different size buckets etc.  Call to have us help meet your milking needs!  (928) 583-0254
If you want the Porta Milker II (has 4 wheels intead of 2) set up like the regular Porta Milker, call us and we will assist.

Porta Milker for two animals includes:

1)  PortaMilker Base Unit includes steel vacuum tank, lubricated Conde vacuum pump, spring-loaded vacuum regulator, vacuum cock, vacuum gauge, and large non-corrosive hard rubber 10 inch tires.  It complese complete with a 1HP CSA-Approved Electric Motor.

This unit includes an upgrade kit that allows for milking two animals and includes nipples, couplers, stall cock and a Muller Vacuum Regulator.

2)  TWO fully-approved high polish stainless steel Buckets which have hand grips and reinforced bottoms.  Each bucket assembly includes a 65 lb. Bucket (about 7 gallon capacity), D/L-style Milking Lid, Vacuum Pulsator (60:40 ratio), Adapter and 8 ft. of Vacuum Tubing.

3)   TWO Milking Clusters.   Each one includes an  Interpuls Orbiter Stainless Steel Milking Claw, Rubber Inflations, Stainless Steel Shells, Air Tubes, Hose Ring, Hose Clip, 3 ft. of 5/8" ID Clear Milker Tubing and 3 ft. of ¼" ID Black Vacuum Tubing.  You just tell us which animals you are milking.  We sell many of these set up to milk two different animals, such as for cows, goats, and sheep. We send you the Milking Clusters designed for the animals you want to milk... and you can even get one set up for a cow and one for goats. 

Shipping is not included in this price as it ships by freight truck.  We will call you with the quote for shipping, or you can give us a call for this quote.  We would love to assist you with your order!

If you are only milking one animal now, but know that you will eventually like to milk two animals and want to gently increase your equipment to save on what you spend now...  May be suggest you contact us and order the set up for TWO animals, but only get one bucket and one claw assembly now.  Down the road when you are ready to milk two animals you can then purchase the 2nd bucket and claw assembly!  With the upgrade kit installed, which needs to only be installed at the factory, you will be ready to milk two animals with the later addition of the bucket and claw assembly.  Call us if you would like to do this, or even is you just want to discuss you options!

Porta Milker machines are the heavy duty standard in the USA for many many years!  These hold up over time whether you are milking one cow twice a day or quite a few twice a day... this is the type of machine that holds up to the test of time and heavy duty use!

Porta Milker Instruction Manual

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