Optical Refractometer for Colostrum Testing



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What a great product to keep on hand to measure the quality of colostrum, right there and then! The reason to know the quality of colustrum is to have a good indication of the immunities and absorption by the newborn calf.

This Optical Refractometer with ATC & Brix Scale gives fast and accurate measurements of colostrum quality by testing a drop of colostrum.

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The sample of the colostrum will give a reading of its quality using a Brix scale (0 to 56). A reading of 22 or above means the colostrum quality is good.

This optical-type Refractometer features automatic temperature compensation which means the unit may be operated between 50 and 86F without needing recalibration, a great convenience when testing a number of cows.

This refractometer has an all-metal body, polypropylene grip, focusing eyepiece, drop-tested daylight plate with hinge, and is backed by a 30-day guarantee. The unit is packed in a nylon padded zipper pouch and includes a pipette, a screwdriver and complete instructions for use and care. Unit is about 4" long and weighs .4lb.

  • Model: 176-3000