Stainless Steel Milk Filter - Heavy Duty 3 Gallon




Large 3-gallon capacity strainer is made of smooth, polished stainless steel. It truly is a top of the line product!   Strainer includes retainer ring and 2 types of stainless steel filters, one very fine strainer and the other with large holes for optimal filtering.  The variety of filters offers this product to be of use for other straining uses!

Please note this filter is now different from the manufacturer, we are working on updating the description and getting photos.  Same style, but about 1" larger diameter at the top and the bottom openings.  Now has handle on each side. Now only two filter screens, a fine one and the one with the holes, and now the 6" filter disk does not fit, so if  you want these disks you will need to purchase the 9" round disk


Strainer may be used with a disposable 9-1/2" filter disk for even finer filtration. Just place the filter media disk between two of the stainless steel filters to be held in place. Buy single box of 9 1/2 disks or a case of  9 1/2 inch disk.

Heavy duty is for everyday use on the homestead and in commercial dairys.

Top O.D. is now about 15"
Bottom O.D. is about 7.5"

  • Model: 940246

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