Milk Bar 18 Straight-Line Feeder w/Aluminum Hooks (No Holes)


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Designed for gates, the Milk Bar Straight feeders are ideal where the front of the pen is a steel gate, but can be modified for wood rails.  The Straight Feeders have adjustable aluminum hooks, which mount with 2 bolts each to the top of the feeder. There are several holes pre-drilled to allow the hooks to be adjusted or removed. ( Click on photo above to see close-up of hooks)   These holes could also be used to attach the feeder to rails, but the holes are on the top cross supports. There are no other mounting holes in the feeder, although they could be drilled in the back, sides or front by the customer if needed.


  • brace handles for convenient handling
  • Hooks are set to use on standard gates
  • Conveniently pre-drilled for use on 1 inch and 1.25 inch rails, so you can rebolt them where best suits you
  • Fitted with strong aluminum hooks
  • Fitted with Milk Bar Teats for even feeding rates and good calf health
  • Holds up to 44 gallons
  • Weighs 24 pounds
  • 11'4'" Long x 13.75'" Wide x 7.75'" High

Milk Bar Straight Portable Feeders have aluminum hooks set into strengthened handles.  The hooks are set to hang from a gate but can be altered to fit 1" or 1.25"

Because of it's large size, we will need to get a shipping quote on this item for you... we will give you a call! 

  • Model: 265-2318