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The MilkPlan cooling tank series is available in 4 different capacities, covering a range from 15 Gallons to 90 Gallons these tanks meet the needs of all home, small dairy and cheese production facilities. Fast and stable cooling and maximum energy efficiency are benefits when using any of our MP models. These tanks are fully compliant with all 3A standards and regulations and are Grade A. Check out the video below!

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Need a chart recorder?  Check out this Guardian brand that works perfect with the MilkPlan chillers!

All tanks plug into a 110V standard 20AMP outlet and require no special wiring. Just like "plug and play" operation... when you receive it just place it where you want it and plug it in!  It's ready to go to work for you! 

90 Gallon - 300 Liter
40"W x 50"H
Suitable for 8 Cows or 50 Goats
Grade A 

Max Capacity: 87.7 Gallons
Min Capacity: 13.2 Gallons

Comes With:
Butterfly Valve / End Cap / Gaskets & Clamps
Calibration Chart

Extra available, let us know!
 -  2" Bottle filler Kit for Bulk Tanks with Elbow  - additional $49.95


  • Standard 110V Operation (15-90 gal)
  • Electronic Thermostat
  • Enclosed Condensing Unit
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Waterproof Agitator Motor
  • Highly Insulated Tanks
  • environmentall Friendly R404 Freon
  • Calibration Chart included
  • Dipstick included
  • Grade A Tank Value Included
  • Sloped bottom to ensure complete emptying

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Milkplan is a well-established European brand with over 25 years of tradition and experience in manufacturing milk coolers, which guarantees reliable and efficient milk cooling. Milkplan coolers offer years of trouble-free performance, the lowest operating cost, precise temperature control, and a wide range of standard features and options. All coolers are made of stainless steel, and their ISO 9001:2000 certificates ensure high quality.

The insulated double-wall container and the quality of the Milkplan built-in components ensure low energy consumption. All Milkplan milk coolers come equipped with electronic programmers with a digital temperature display. They are free-standing, and simply plug into a standard 120 Volt 20 Amp outlet. Adjustable feet enable easy leveling.

They all come equipped with agitators, essential for quick cooling, and will easily cool your milk down from 95'F to 39.2'F in less than 2 hours. They all come with sloped bottom to ensure complete emptying.

The tanks must be 10% full in order to work properly (and not freeze the milk inside)   But if using it after pastuerizing, then the best performance based on time is when only half it's capacity is used.  If you need to chill 15 gallons of milk after pasteurization at a time, it is best to get the 30 gallon unit... which is really not that much more expensive.  The same for larger units

The milk temperature set point is adjustable. The "shoe box" styled lids keep your milk cool and secure. The outlet valve is a manually-cleanable butterfly valve.

MilkPlan Specifications are available.

  • Model: MP90