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Homesteader’s Supply is your source for self sufficient living. We carry items for all aspects of homesteading, from gardening and preserving your harvest to milking cows or goats and cheesemaking.

Our homestead blog is intended as an extension to our homesteading community for how-to articles and updates on legal issues. At times we will tell you about product changes or new products we are offering on our main website.

We are very open to comments, suggestions, ideas for articles! Remember, we are part of the larger community and want to be part of a better solution for all of us!

Contact us if you would like to be a guest blogger! We certainly don’t know all there is to know about homesteading. We’d love to have you share your knowledge. We’ll link to your blog, website, Facebook account or other social media, and we’d be happy to exchange blog for blog. You write for us and we’ll write for you, posting each on the same day. What do you think? Want to join us?