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Udder Care Kit! Works for cows, goats, sheep!

This kit provides 3 necessary items for caring for your animals udders/teats. And you get enough to last quite a while! I swear by each and every one of these products… Cookie cow tested and Cookie cow approved. We went the entire year without any mastitis issues!!!!!

1 gallon Foam-N-Dip™ is a ready-to-use iodine teat dip that contains foaming agents, glycerine and lanolin. Foam provides superior coverage with less dip by extending the time of contact with the teat and by reducing waste and drippage. Foam-N-Dip™ may be applied with the Ambic Foaming Dip Cup. Contains .6% Iodine.

4 MultiFoamer Dip Cups, 4 different colors so you know which one belongs to which animal. Set comes with one green, one blue, one orange, and one yellow. Foam dipping can cut chemical usage up to 50%. New MultiFoamer makes a thick clinging foam which stays in contact with the teat for a longer time. MultiFoamer features more consistent foam generation, easier cleaning, built-in valve protection, and suitability for various types of foaming chemicals including Coburn Foam-N-Dip Foaming Iodine Dip. All Ambic Dip Cups are made of tough, durable, chemical resistant materials and have a soft squeezable bottle with wide mouth for easy filling.

1 Complete CMT Mastitis Test Kit The California Mastitis Test is an easy, accurate and inexpensive cow side mastitis test. Simply collect milk from each quarter into the four cups of the paddle and squirt in the reagent for an immediate positive or negative reaction. Complete kit consists of 4-cup test paddle, squeeze bottle reagent dispenser, directions, and 16 oz. bottle of CMT concentrate, enough for 1 gallon of reagent.

I add to this routine a stainless steel bucket filled with warm water and two terry cloth towels, one with a bit of soap… she gets washed and rinsed before each milking!!! What do you do to keep your cow or goat free from mastitis and maintain healthy milk????

Homesteader’s Supply Needs Your Help….

Hello to all of you.

We recently applied for a grant sponsored by Chase bank and LivingSocial Media worth $250,000.00, but we really need your help. You see, part of the requirements is to gain votes through social media outlets proving how valuable social media is to small business. We couldn’t agree more!!! We’ve met so many of you through facebook, google+ and twitter!

Part of the grant process is to earn votes… We need 250 votes to even be considered for this grant. Currently we have 44 and I’m eager to see if our customers, our readers and our friends can come together and help us accomplish this part. Once we get the votes, then it will be up to an independent panel to pick the businesses worthy of the funds. I’m hoping our grant application will earn us that chance!

Here’s how you can help… Please visit and search for businesses in Chino Valley, Arizona or search directly for Homesteader’s Supply – be sure to use the apostrophe, then simply submit your vote.

I can’t begin to thank you enough for once agian being a part of what makes Homesteader’s Supply a special company!!!

Jerri, Nance and the rest of the “Folks at Homesteader’s Supply!!”