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Homesteader’s Supply Pail Featured in Martha Stewart Magazine!!!

Jerri was sitting at her desk, feverishly typing… stacks of paperwork to the right and left when suddenly… the phone rang,

“Homesteader’s Supply, this is Jerri…” she said into the phone…

“Hi Jerri, I’d like to order a 9 quart stainless steel pail to feature in March issue of Marta Stewart Magazine. We’re doing a ‘spring cleaning basics kit’ and I think your pail will be perfect to use in this project.” The friendly voice replied…

Well, needless to say, Jerri completed the order and here we are several months later… and indeed our pail was featured on Page 27 of Martha Stewart Magazine March 2012 Issue!!! Notice the ‘103 ways to get ready for spring” on the cover… one of those ways is with a spring cleaning kit using our pail!

The pail is much more sturdy than most stainless steel pails on the market and won’t rust making it not only a great milking pail, but a great multipurpose pail. I personally have two twenty quart pails out in the garage that I use for ash buckets!!! (They were too heavy to carry milk up to the house in – I use the thirteen quart pail for milking good ol’ Cookie Cow!)

We just had to share this great news, so I if you subscribe to Marta Stewart Magazine or pick one up at the local magazine stand… check out Page 27 and see how functional a good pail can be!

Happy Homesteading!!!!