Making the Ultimate Cheese Press

We found an amazing wood worker who lives here in Chino Valley and owns a shop in Prescott, Arizona. They make beautiful furniture and cabinets. Jerri was on a mission to find someone to build cheese presses for Homesteader’s Supply. This gave us control over the wood type, control over the quality and consistency we expected from a cheese press.
We moved away from pine and into a hardwood in the Mahogany family. It’s naturally resistant to bacteria and washes up nicely with simple soap and water. We had it finished with 100% Tung Oil which is FDA approved for food contact.

So, what’s involved in making the cheese presses? This big plate of wood took six hours to cut. The grooves were added to the bar that holds the hoops in place to keep the hoops from slipping off to the side when tightening down the follower. The knobs were designed to be easy to grip and clean. The followers were given grooves for gripping when needing to pull it out of the follower. All of these designs were developed over time when testing prototypes. It was actually a very fun process!!! After six hours, the parts were ready to be sanded free from the small bit of wood that secured them to the slab. Once they are all free, they are sanded and oiled with three coats of Tung Oil. with plenty of drying time in between. Finally the stainless steel hardware is added and the hoops are cut and sanded until ultimately….. You have the Homesteader’s Supply Ultimate Cheese Press!!!!

Homesteader’s Supply Ultimate Cheese Press

3 thoughts on “Making the Ultimate Cheese Press

  1. Neva

    I just purchased your press and it’s truly lovely. I started with the easy cheeses and now I’m trying my hand at hard ones (so to speak). Two questions… Can i use a pressure gauge and if so, which one fits? And, can you put different size molds on the press. I’ve searched you tube to see one in action but to no avail. I also purchased the Margaret Morris video but her’s looks different. Maybe I have an older video? Any help would be great! Can’t wait to get started! Thank you!

  2. The Folks at Homesteader's Supply!

    Thank you so much for your business and your wonderful comment about our cheese press! About adding a pressure gauge… you really don’t need a pressure gauge for making the hard cheeses. I believe cheese making is an art rather than a science and if the recipe calls for say 50 lbs of pressure and you can only apply 8 or 10 lbs of pressure, the curds will find a way to squeeze out from every opening. As the directions suggest on the insert we have with the press, to just tighten down the follower so that it is secure and won’t tighten any more. You should see the whey releasing out the bottom. As that whey releases, then you can tighten the follower more so again it is secure. Every so often as you walk by your press in the kitchen, just check the handle and if loose (from the release of whey) just tighten it again so it’s secure. After 6 to 8 hrs, you’ll find that it no longer gets loose because all the whey has been released and not it’s time to remove the cheese from the press!

    The press we sent to you had two different size molds… one that can make a 1-2 lb wheel of cheese and the other larger one can make 2-4 lb wheel. We have the press designed to accept these two molds exactly so there will be no shifting during the pressing process. If you want a larger mold, you can contact us and we can make you one like the large one but taller than the standard 7 inches.

    The Margaret Morris video which shows the process of using a cheesepress, will be the same for our press.. especially the part about wrapping the curds with cheesecloth, ours though is easier to use with the molds that are securely accepted by the top piece, and of course our ergonomically designed handles are easier to use. The wood is also made thicker and sturdier…. All in all, our cheesepress will probably last you a lifetime!

    I hope that answered your questions… jerri


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