Ultimate Cheese Press Instructional Video

The Ultimate Cheese Press and More!

Wardee from GNOWFGLINS shows us how to use The Ultimate Cheese Press step by step. It’s very simple and seeing it in action lets us know we’re doing it just right.

You’ll find supplies you need to make cheese on our website. Calcium chloride and lipase are hereCheesecloth and muslin.  We have a great variety of cultures.

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Cheese Recipes

Bay, basil, sage, roasted bell pepper and olive oil makes a delicious marinade.

Bay, basil, sage, roasted bell pepper and olive oil makes a delicious marinade.

Farmer's Cheese with Garlic & Chive seasoning. Ultimate Cheese Press can be used to form a wheel.

Farmer’s Cheese with Garlic Chive seasoning

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3 thoughts on “Ultimate Cheese Press Instructional Video

  1. Lisa Garrett

    Where is the recipe for the above marinade with bay basil sage, etc and what kind of cheese?
    Thanks for doing this – makes me hungry for more cheese! -Lisa

  2. Robin Follette

    Hi Lisa,

    We didn’t measure ingredients so these are guesstimates.

    1/2 cup olive oil
    1 bay leaf
    2 tsp mixed herbs such as basil, sage and rosemary.

    Roast one bell pepper. Chop up and add to oil, bay and herbs.

    We marinated Farmers Cheese. It would be great for most solid cheeses and even blended into Ricotta, cottage and other soft cheeses, minus the bay leaf.

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