Loose Minerals for Livestock

I have been working with the local feed store trying to get loose minerals for Cookie cow and the calf. They’ve both been licking the ground lately and since I know I haven’t dropped molasses there, I figured it was time to fill the loose mineral feeder. (Licking up dirt is a tell tale sign that their bodies are craving minerals)
The feed stores out her don’t carry dairy cow minerals, just goat minerals. From what I’ve read, goats have much higher selenium needs than dairy cows do and an overdose of selenium can stop the heart… so what to do… READ and READ, well at least that’s what I did.
Apparently it takes a very large overdose to hurt your cows and the greater amount in goat minerals is not so much that it will kill you cow. If dairy minerals are available, they are much better suited for your milking girl, but so far Cookie is doing just fine on the goat minerals and thankfully she’s stopped licking the ground!

What do you do when loose minerals aren’t available for your animals needs?

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1 thought on “Loose Minerals for Livestock

  1. Maureen Coffey

    I don’t think goat minerals have so much more selenium that a cow would drop dead if you use it as an interim solution. When i was a kid our cattle farmers in Europe always had a “salt stone” at the entrance of the shed (outside, but protected from the rain) and the cattle could lick it as much as they liked when they came “home”. Strange that a feed store wouldn’t carry it as a matter of curse nowadays.


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