Meals – Ready – Eat… just add water…

Good morning folks!

Homesteader’s are all about being prepared. We spend summer tending the garden so we can can and preserve food supplies for winter. We make cheese to preserve the milk in a form that better stores. We stock the freezer with beef, pork and / or chicken… rabbit, deer and elk too for that matter… so we have meat supplies to last year around. For those who don’t homestead or for those who do homestead and would also like something extra in the pantry for a “just in case” moment, we have found freeze dried food kits to carry on the site.

The meals are freeze dried for a long term shelf life and are available in different durations of shelf life. Some of the meals are designed for a long camping or back packing trip, while others are designed for long term shelf life in the event of a crisis situation where supplies would be scarce. We have divided the ‘Ready eat Food Kits‘ up into Long Term Food Kits, Grab and Go Food Kits and Outdoor Life Food Kits.

The long term pouches will store for 25 years! Those with meat in the pouch have a much shorter life of 7 years. I won’t go into the process so much with this blog. Instead, I’d like to cover reviews of the taste. Jerri had the vendor send her some samples and she had them for dinner for several evenings. (I haven’t had a chance to try them yet, but I’m hoping to very soon). According to Jerri, they actually taste quite good! She was very surprised at the flavor and how easy it was to just add boiling water, wait the appropriate time and then dinner was served.

All in all , in the event of a long term power outage, a snow storm that locks you in for several days or events similar to those of Hurricane Katrina… these handy little pouches will ensure you’re able to eat when there is no access to food supplies.

I sincerely hope none of us ever need these supplies, though I certainly understand the need to be prepared. If we were to lose power long term, I’d be inclined to keep the freezer closed and try to keep the meat frozen for as long as possible!

Happy Homesteading!