As A Homesteader… Are You Prepared??

Homesteader’s Supply focuses on the needs for those who wish to gain some self sufficiency from their land. While a lot of homesteader’s preserve food for winter… are you really prepared for something like Hurricane Sandy when it comes to feeding you and your family? I ask because a few months ago we brought a new product line into our mix.  I’m looking for your opinion since we aren’t getting many hits. We’ve added incentives on orders and even changed the entire line to free shipping and still not much interest.

OH…. What is the product you ask???

Wise Ready Eat Food Kits are the new item we brought into the mix and we really thought this would be something that folks would be excited about. The discussion we had was… “Do homesteader’s want prepackaged food or do we make our own prepackaged food by dehydrating, fermenting, canning, freezing, etc… and therefore, don’t need these prepared kits.” I’m sure there are those who consider themselves homesteaders, but also work full time jobs and while they do raise a good portion of their own food… they may also want something to turn to should disaster strike as it did recently in the Northeast.

Now, it’s your turn.  Please give us your thoughts, should we keep this product line or not?