Always looking for new and better…

… that’s our theme with the store, for which we spend a lot of time on.  Quality these days is hard to come by. As you probably already know, most products come from other countries, and many are poorly made.   Then there is the cost issue…where so many companies are selling the same products, everyone lowering the price to beat out the next guy just to make a buck…. Don’t know what the answer is for the general issue, but for Homesteader’s Supply we check out as many products as we can, and then ask our customers for feedback.   As always, if you feel our price is too high or even the shipping is to high… give us a call and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Here is one recent product update on our webstore:

Boots for the farm, garden, ranch, etc…  We now carry a new brand called Reed Boots.  They are exactly like the Bogs boots we use to carry. We use them here  at Homesteaders Supply, and LOVE them!  The reason why we chose to change to Reed is that they are more readily available for immediate shipping, better prices, and they are just as well made as the other brand. And in fact, they have one improvement we have not seen in other boots… a removable ventilated insole with built-in arch!

Check out this wonderful looking Reed Mid-Calf Trail Boot (also comes in a taller version):

They are  100% waterproof!  Very comfortable, provide warmth in winter and keep your feet dry in the summer!  It has reinforced toe and heel areas. Self cleaning rubber outsole. 

Personally, I like the comfort, almost like being in slippers, but yet great traction here in Arizona summer monsoons where the farm is slick as …..   I’ll let you fill in the blank! 

Like something more aggressive, check out the Reed Force Boot …

Or for those of us wanting something shorter and less boot looking check out the Reed Romeo Slip-On:

You can see all of our boots in the Barn Yard Section.  

We would love to consider other quality products you know about and would love to see us carry. Just let us know!