Q&A: How to Make Your Own Kombucha Tea Bags

A customer asks: Why don’t you sell the reusable muslin tea bags for making kombucha tea?

Kombucha Starter Kit

Kombucha Starter Kit

Jerri’s answer: Our supplier doesn’t sell those tea bags, nor do we use them ourselves at Homesteader’s Supply. Instead, we use a piece of cheese cloth. Just place some tea leaves inside the cheese cloth and tie it up into a bag. Then, when the tea is done brewing, throw away the used tea leaves and wash the cheese cloth to use again later. It’s much easier to clean the cheese cloth than it is to wash out those muslin tea bags.

In fact, we don’t even use or sell the muslin bags that many folks use to grow our Speedy Sprouts, either. You can’t see anything through the bag. And it’s so much easier to grow the seeds in a canning jar with a piece of cheese cloth over the top, secured with a canning ring. It allows air and water to flow through, and you can see your sprouts growing.

You can see how much we love our cheese cloth! We use it for so many things besides cheesemaking.