How to Make an Affordable Walk-in Cooler that Saves Money

CoolBot Walk-in Cooler Taters

Have you been wanting a walk-in cooler? If you thought you couldn’t afford one, you might be surprised. You can make your own energy-efficient cooler for a very reasonable price! A device called the CoolBot lets you convert an insulated room into a refrigerated storage space for produce, floral inventory, dairy, meats and more.

CoolBot Walk-in Cooler Cheese Cave

Cheese Cave Walk-in Cooler with CoolBot

You can even use your walk-in cooler as a cheese cave (above) or a wine cellar (below).

CoolBot walk-in cooler wine cellar

Wine Cellar with CoolBot

How the Coolbot Compares to a Traditional Walk-in Cooler

The CoolBot is a controller that works with an ordinary, high BTU window air conditioner. You can buy this type of air conditioner at a store like Home Depot for about $500 (depending on what size you need). The combined price of your air conditioner and the CoolBot is just a fraction of the cost of a traditional walk-in cooler refrigeration system, saving you $1,000’s in up-front equipment costs. Plus, the CoolBot system uses 40% less energy than a traditional walk-in cooler, so you save money all year round.

CoolBot’s Technology is Sophisticated

CoolBot’s patented technology intelligently controls your air conditioner. The CoolBot uses multiple sensors, a heating element, and a programmed micro-controller to direct your air conditioner’s compressor to cool the room to 36° F without ever freezing up.

coolbot walk-in cooler controller

Installation is Fast and Easy

No special training is required to install the CoolBot. Installation only takes 5 minutes! And, you don’t need to do any cutting, soldering, or even taping!

Here’s How the CoolBot Works

When the CoolBot begins losing efficiency when accessing your air conditioner’s cooling power (BTU’s) and the air conditioner is close to freezing up, it shuts off the A/C unit’s compressor. That way, you don’t pay for electricity to make BTU’s you can’t use! This feature saves you money on your monthly electricity bill and helps the environment. As long as your air conditioner is the correct size and your room is well-insulated, you’ll have no problem keeping your walk-in cooler as cold as you want it to be.

Be a CoolBot Success Story

More than 30,000 farmers, florists, hunters, breweries, bars, restaurants and wine lovers have saved thousands of dollars with the CoolBot!

If you have a need for cold storage that’s affordable to buy and inexpensive to operate, consider the CoolBot. With this new technology, the walk-in cooler or cheese cave you always wanted could be well within your budget.